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About Us

 We  are an economic consulting firm headquartered near Edmond, Oklahoma.  Whatever business you are in, we can help you by assisting with the  difficult problems of forecasting, statistical analyses, and hedging  risk with derivatives. We can also assist with company and asset  valuations, financial restructuring decisions, and much more. 


About Us

Dr. James McCown: Economist whose background combines the training and research of an academician with extensive experience in the business world. He holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, and a Ph.D. in economics from Ohio State University.

Dr. McCown has taught finance and economics at Ohio State University, Florida Atlantic University, Oklahoma City University, The University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University. His research has been published in Financial Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Applied Economic Letters, ICFAI Journal of Financial Risk Management, Ethics and Critical Thinking Quarterly Journal, Banking and Capital Markets: New International Perspectives, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and European Journal of Finance.

His business experience includes the real estate, wireless telephone, and computer software industries. Since founding Toltec Group in 2007, he has undertaken consulting engagements with a number of companies, primarily in the oil & gas, and real estate fields.

Oil and Gas

Much of our consulting work has been done with Oil and Gas industry in Oklahoma and Texas. We can assist your business with valuations of derivatives and help you find the most effective ways of hedging your risk to price fluctuations of crude oil or natural gas. We can also help with valuations of stock options and warrants awarded to your employees or stockholders. 

Often a business will find it necessary to utilize the services of an outside expert in order to satisfy the requirements of the IRS or a court. Our business can give you the credibility that is needed in such situations with our academic credentials as well as our experience in the business world.

Real Estate

We can assist both real estate developers and investors. 

Developers can utilize our talents in developing pro forma financial statements and cash flow projections for presentation to financial institutions and potential investors. 

Investors may use our services to help evaluate the potential profitability of a commercial acquisition. Our talents in statistical analysis can help you investigate the probability that a project will be profitable.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

We have served as an expert witness for court proceedings. Our experience as an educator gives us the ability to explain complex financial topics to judges and juries.

We are willing to serve for both plaintiffs and defense.

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